This week's services:     Friday evening @ 6:30PM  -  Saturday morning @ 9:30AM
Purim:  Wednesday
evening @ 8:00PM (at chapel)  -  Thursday morning @ 7:15AM (at Peretz House)

Friday night services will be held at the home of the Rabbi.  The address is 1506 Victoria Avenue.  Enter via the door nearest the driveway.

Laugh a little

Preparing for a Wedding

Benny Goldman had married off four of his children but the fifth was becoming a challenge. Young Solomon had no visible virtues that would make him a desirable husband. He had no charm, intelligence, manners, nor conversation to make up for his poor looks. Yet, to Benny, it was unthinkable that Solomon remained single.

In desperation, Benny met with a Jewish matchmaker who listened and said, "I have just the girl for Solomon -- Princess Anne’s daughter, Zara."


"Zara, granddaughter of the Queen of England, that’s who."

"A shikseh?"

The matchmaker sighed. "In these enlightened times, what's wrong with a nice Gentile girl? She comes from a good family, with very little anti-Semitism - they fought Hitler, remember. They have excellent social connections, they're wealthy and the princess is a real beauty. Look, I'll write the names down together."

Solomon Goldman  --- Princess Zara Phillips.

Benny thought the names looked very good together, but said, "I also have to consider aunt Bette. She is very religious and if she found out Solomon was marrying a shikseh, she'd kill herself."

So an appointment was made to see Bette.

For several hours, the matchmaker pleaded, argued, persuaded and slowly Bette began to change her mind. With tears in her eyes, Bette said, "Well, maybe you're right and I shouldn't be so old-fashioned. If the girl really is a fine girl, and if she will make Solomon happy, and if the children will be brought up Jewish, I won’t object. I can always move away from Edgware after the wedding and change my name so no one will know my shame."

Even though he was worn out, the matchmaker left Bette’s house in high spirits. As soon as he got into his car, he opened his little book to the page where both names had been written and put a tick after the name ‘Solomon Goldman’.

He then said, with a huge sigh of relief, "Half done!

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