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A Foundation of Love


The materials for the portable desert sanctuary, the Mishkan, came from the donations, the freewill offerings, of the Jewish people. Each Jew gave according to his and her ability and generosity of heart.

The adanim, however, the “bases” upon which the upright boards of the Mishkan walls rested -- its foundation -- came from a different source. These bases were cast from the silver given by the Jews as part of a mandatory levy -- a half-shekel from each individual. (The shekel was a standard small weight unit, used to weigh gold, silver and copper for monetary purposes.) Rich and poor, motivated and unmotivated, happily or grouchily, each Jew gave exactly the same amount.

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Taking It with You

When bushfires threaten rural communities, and residents are urged to abandon their houses in the face of danger, many people find themselves in the unenviable position of having to decide which of their possessions to abandon.

You can’t take everything with you on an escape down the mountain; if it won’t fit in the back seat of the car, you’re probably going to have to leave it to the vagaries of fate and the mercies of the firefighters. Some people load up their family photo albums and copies of their insurance certificates; others chose to leave their paperwork behind, and concentrate on cramming their pets and livestock into the back of the van.

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The Golden Calf in the Middle of the Tabernacle


“Okay, Hebrews. Build Me a Tabernacle, and put into it an ark, menorah, altars, skins, vessels. Those who serve there should wear such-and-such clothes, and the high priest must have his own unique eight-part wardrobe.”

That, in a nutshell, is the summary of the two Torah portions of Terumah and Tetzaveh.

Following them come the next set of two portions, Vayakhel and Pekudei, which relate how the Jews followed the commandments and prepared the Temple for G‑d. Perfect.

If only things made so much sense. Alas, we have a problem.

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