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Counting Other People's Money


“Modesty is one of my more outstanding qualities.” -- Anonymous.

Growing up, there was a song I’d enjoy from an album called Journeys. It was a parody about wedding extravagance. In the song, a man tells his friend about the wedding he’s planning for his daughter. Flowers would be imported from overseas, a 100-person band would entertain the guests with their symphony and an outlandish Viennese table would culminate the meal. Finally, each guest would receive a token gift before leaving: an entire set of the Talmud.

“But what about modesty?” asks his friend after hearing of the lavish plans.

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An Honest Man

This past week, I met an honest man.

The owner of a small clothing store, he is a charming man with a fascinating backstory, and it was a pleasure to get to know him. But what really fascinated me was a throwaway remark he made near the end of our conversation.

Earlier, he had told me how much he enjoyed building his business and serving his customers. He loves Australia, and is a regular and dedicated member of his synagogue. However, it was when he described his business credo that my admiration truly blossomed:

He lives life honestly.

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Jews love kvetching. And we love kvetching about the kvetchers. “Oy vey!” “I’m telling you . . . I’m totally overwhelmed from all his meshugasen!” “There she goes again! Oy, how much more can I handle?”

Well, if you think you have heard it all, check out the Torah portions of Behaalotecha, Shelach, Korach and Chukat. First, the Israelites bemoan their lengthy travels in the desert. Then there’s a sob story about the manna, followed by the spies coming back from Israel with a false report, which causes a national meltdown. Then Korach forms a rebellion against the leadership of Moshe and Aaron, and they complain about water, and they defy Moshe and try to enter Israel and are massacred. . . . It goes on and on. The attitude of “woe is me” reigns supreme.

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