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We all receive jokes by email, but I've found a very large collection of Jewish jokes at a website called  That website's creator, David Minkoff, has given permission for jokes on his website to be reproduced here.

Unless otherwise stated, all content shown here is:
From  Copyright © 2001-2015 David Minkoff

Jewish Film Titles

Oy of the Beholder - Singles kvetch about their awful partners.
Girls Interrupted  - Women's section of shul are told to be quiet during davening.
Seder House Rules - Zeda explains the law on Pesach.
Angela's Kashas  - Woman tells all her secret recipes.
Supernova  - Rocket scientists discover powerful strain of lox.
Dredel Will Rock  - Toy comes alive during Chanukah.
Sleepy Halah  - It's Friday and dad fills up on bread then dozes off.
Goys Don't Cry  - Rabbi explains why only Jews celebrate Tisha B'Av.
Goy Story 2  - Issy divorces shiksa, then marries another.
Mun on the Moon -  Astronauts find hamentashen filling on the moon
Stuart Ladle -  Mouse makes chicken soup for shabbos.
The End of the Affair - Sheva Brachos finishes at 3am.

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